Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Earth Is Sick, The Society Is Sick

2012 is getting so near, will it be the end of the world? Nobody knows know.
What we can see now is, the world is getting sick.
Disaster is getting more serious all over the world.
The weather is getting weird, will 2012 be the end of the world, we will know it in next year.

The world is really getting sick.
Now only the earth, the society is getting sicker as well.
We can hear a lot of news regarding committing suicide nowadays.
Committing suicide seems to be getting common now.

What's going on?

What happens to human being?

I believe everyone can feel that a lot of people are now living with stress.
And end up, a lot of people who fail to overcome the stress, choose to end his life.

Many people are now chasing for money crazily.
Trying to earn more money isn't bad, but the problem is, a lot of people have forgotten the ultimate goal is life, getting a happiness

Life should be happy, isn't it?
But who are moving towards it?

I wrote another post similar this in Mandarin.
Check it out here: 万物之‘灵’

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