Sunday, 20 February 2011

Practicum Day 38

38 days are over, there are 87 days to go, still a long time to go, isn't it?
I always didn't update my blog on Friday night, I feel tired to do so.
After Friday night, I wish to take break first.

Talk about Friday, it didn't seem too good.
As usual, several problems approached me.

There is one company that I am auditing, I am waiting a document from them and the task will be completed.
Unfortunately, they didn't send it to me on Friday.
It then creates problem to me.
Actually I wish to get it on Friday, then I can send that to my boss's daughter for tax computation.
Why must I sent to him on Friday?
My boss's daughter is going to take one week leave I think, due to sick.
So, who should I pass my job to? That's the problem.

The new task I am conducting now, there is problem too. I don't feel in mood to tell the problem.

On Friday, my boss suddenly asked me whether UUM's law degree is recognized already.
I told him as I knew last year, it didn't.
Then, he kept scolding on the education system.
He scolded a lot, that made me feel as if I was get scolded too.

Tomorrow going back to work again, I am feeling bad again.
After this week, there will be 82 days to go, which means 65.6%.

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