Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rio Fiesta

Many friends know that I love Mamee's products.
I love its Mister Potato, Mamee Monster, Nutrigen, Mamee's noodles and so on.

And now, Rio Fiesta!

When I passed Econ Save Supermarket today,
I grabbed the chance to step in and search for Rio Fiesta, and I found it.
It costs RM2.25 per bottle of 350 ml.
I bought 2 bottles, with orange and apple flavour.

Well, the taste isn't bad.
For the orange flavour, the oranges are imported from Brazil, a nation with great oranges.
That's why this product is named with the word of 'Rio'.

And, for your information,
currently, it's available in EconSave, Tesco and Carrefour.

Just, I shared with my friends,
and they said that it's a little bit sour.
Perhaps, it's a great choice for people who love sour?

I am waiting for Mamee's next new product. I am looking forward to it.

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