Saturday, 26 February 2011

Practicum Day 43

I went out to have dinner last night, so now only I post about my practicum yesterday.

Friday is always I wait for. It is the last day of working in each week.
Yesterday, I had statutory audit at the morning. So I believed the day would pass very fast.
And I felt so excited to finish work yesterday. I invited to have dinner with my best friend.

Well, time passed really fast yesterday. It was a very rush and busy day.
Once I reached office, I started to continue my work. Normally, I would wait for 8.45 p.m. before I start my work.
But jobs were waiting me to be completed, so I have to rush it.
When I was finalizing the report, another colleague asked me whether had I checked for the other company's report.
Two tasks to be complete at once.
Luckily, my colleague helped me to check it.

My colleague and I planned to go for statutory audit at 9.30 a.m.,
however, because I failed to complete the jobs, we delayed.
We departed from office at 10.30 a.m.
We were heading to Bishop Street and look for the firm.
We weren't sure about the place and we were asking people.
I found a postman, I felt so glad because I finally found someone who really can help us.
Unfortunately, he led us to the wrong place.
We finally found it at 11.30 a.m., it was so late.
We actually planned to conduct statutory audit in two firm before we went back to office.
Due to the delay, we failed to do it.
We went for statutory audit again after our lunch.
After back from the statutory audit, I continued rushing my job.

Finally, the time was 5.30 p.m.! I took bus home with cheerful mood.

At night, my best friend and I went to Straits Quay to have our dinner.

And then, a rushing day and a nice night of Friday is over.

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