Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Practicum Day 32

My blog has become my dairy for my practicum life.
I post about everyday of my practicum.

Actually it has one advantage.
I don't write my practicum log book everyday due to tiredness and laziness.
Sometimes, when I want to write it, I forgot what have I done on that day.
So, my blog comes in use. I refer my blog and recall back what has happened on that day.
It is so helpful, isn't it?

There is lecture by my boss again today. Somebody was get scolded.
Luckily I didn't get scolded today.

Today, there are some troubles, and I started to feel headache.
It made me feel so tired. Luckily, my headache gets better now.
I could feel myself getting weaker since my practicum started.
I was coughing since the first day of my practicum.
Every time my cough gets better, it gets worse again at the followings day.

Few more months to go. Again, I hope that the time can pass faster, I want my life back.

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