Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Practicum Day 31

Yeah! Today is the final working day before Chinese New Year!
I thought our boss will release us after half day.
I was waiting for that, unfortunately, it ended with disappointment.
During the lunch time, Miss Ma told us that perhaps we will be released at around 4 o'clock.
But the end, that didn't happen. We finish our work as usual at 5.30a.m.

I went for statutory audit today.
I tried to prepare myself so that I won't repeat my mistake.
My colleague fetched me there.
I thought I could finish it up within 30 minutes,
but we spent more than that.
There were some problems, and I need to deal with the people in charged.
But overall, task can be considered as completed.

After I back from the statutory audit.
I was informed that Monday is going to be off day.
I have one more day to rest.
I am not sure whether it's good news or bad.
It's good that I have longer holiday,
but it's bad because I need to extend my practicum for one more day.
I wish to finish my practicum as soon as possible,
then I can really get back to my investment and blogger life.

To those whose CNY holiday starts tomorrow, Happy Holiday to you!