Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Memorable Birthday In Year 2011

Yo! 2 days ago was my birthday! I am now officially 23 years old!

This year's birthday is special, and it's a nice one.
I was with my beloved girlfriend when the time reached 12 o'clock sharp on 6th February 2011.

At the morning of my birthday, my beloved girlfriend brought me to beach.

I had my first birthday celebration for this year over there.

She gave me a cake.

Let me make a wish first.

Wish had been made, let's blow the candles.

It's time to cut the cake!

Come! Let's eat the cake!
Want some?
Nono, the cake is mine!

Thanks to my beloved girlfriend, although that's just a simple celebration, I like it so much!

My beloved Li Pei, I love you!

Here is the gift she gave me for my birthday.

It's a wallet and a card holder!

Time for the real cake now!

My parents bought the cake for me.
Thanks, dad and mum.

Let's repeat the procedure again.

First, make a wish.

First step completed.

Second step, blow the candles.


Third step, cut the cake.


After having my birthday celebration at home.
Lipei, her sister, Kuah and I went to Queensbay Mall.
Lipei and I went for a movie. We watched Homecoming.

Before leaving Queensbay Mall, Lipei bought me a real cake.

After that, we went to McAlister Road to continue my birthday celebration.

Thanks to everyone celebrating with me.
Thanks to everyone wishing me Happy Birthday by mouth, SMS and Facebook.

Thanks everybody!