Saturday, 18 May 2013

Teacher's Day 2013

2 days ago, it was Teacher's Day. 

Last year, I planned that I could actually visited my form 6 teachers during this years' Teacher's Day. But unfortunately, I was busy on Teacher's Day. I went out in the morning, meeting people and attending talk organised by RHB Investment (formerly known as OSK Investment) until late night. 

Luckily in the morning, I manage to send a email to Mr. Krishna.

Mr. Krishna is one of the best teachers I ever meet in my life. He was my English teacher when I was learning English in Cambridge Language Centre.

As I mention in my previous post...

I mentioned that I hate English previously. He is the ones making me get interested into English. And now, I love reading, thank to him.


  1. Looks like your teacher is influential.

  2. From your post, can see that he's very good teacher to you!!! =]

    1. Ya, very! Without him, I am not sure how will I be today.