Sunday, 13 March 2011

Can You Read It?

Hello, visitors.

I am diong a tset and see how mnay popele can raed tihs. Praheps you hvae teird berfoe. I raed a slimiar mial bofere. Tdaoy, I relacled it and wsih to try aigan. So I tpye tihs to mkae a test. So, uitnl now, can you slitl albe to raed tihs? A reresach swohs taht hmuans atulacly do not raed all the lteetrs, as lnog as the frist and the last letetr is rhgit, hmuan can resnocgie the wrod. So, my qesotuin hree, is splelnig ipamrtont?


  1. our brain is too awesome that we can guess out the word thru the scattered alphabets.
    but that's just 5% of our brain.
    If we could make use of the other 95%, i think we can read minds without talking. LOL

  2. LOL...nice one...I read this type of thing before. It shows how amazing our humans' brain are.