Friday, 22 October 2010

When Is MPP UUM Election?

suddenly one question popped up in my mind.

When is the election of our university's MPP?

MPP = Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (in Malay language) or Student Representative Council

As I knew earlier,
There will be an election during September or Beginning of October.

it's almost the end of October,
as well as the end of this semester.

Where is the election????

I contacted one of our current student representative.

Then only I know.
The serving period for current MPP will be extended to January next year.
Minister of Higher Education wants to standardize the election for the university campus election.

last year will be the final MPP election for me.
No more vote for me to cast for MPP of UUM.

Early good luck wish from LuPorTi for all the candidates next year.

~~Good Luck~~


  1. u tried for MPP ah before? Good..

    about the many comments things, that just my friends.. it look many bcause i reply them one by one lah..haha..

    Actually that many comments juz happened starting last two month i think.. before that, nope...less people want to comment in my post.. just keep writing, and make your readers to comment...(i keep read tips on how to make people leave comment in your blog..juz that) :)

  2. I didn't join as candidate before.