Saturday, 9 October 2010

What A Bad Day

It's really a bad day,
since yesterday evening.

Last night,
I failed to deliver a thing to a friend.
I felt bad.

This morning,
I spent more than 3 hours in helping my friends to register for next semester's paper.

3 hours?

3 hours!

This is UUM!

The system is terrible!

After the registration,
I rush my lunch and bath.
I took bus to KOMTAR.

I supposed attending an event.
I was walking around KOMTAR but couldn't find the auditorium.
I asked people.
But I seem like asking the wrong person.

The first person I asked is a shopkeeper,
and he told me there is no auditorium there.

When I found security guard,
I felt happy to ask.


I was asking the location of auditorium!
He directed me to go TOILET!

That's so foolish!

I looked at my watch and it was 2.30p.m.
I was late.
So I decided to back home.

I went to bank to deposit my check.
The machine was out of service.
That's bad.

I took bus.

On the bus,
I recalled that I forgot to do somethings!

I forgot to take photo that I wanted it for my assignment.
I forgot to buy biscuit.

And it still continuing to happen.

What's going on?!
Why it is such a bad day!


  1. 那个security是本地人吗?zomok好笑的……

  2. Yalo. So unlucky.
    He is Malaysian. And he is Penangite too I think.