Sunday, 31 October 2010

Super Long 'You Tiao' King

Date Visited: 30 October 2010
Venue: Paya Terubong (beside SJK Kong Min 2)

I believe many people ate 'you tiao' before.

did you ever eat a long long 'you tiao'?

Here is it.

Can you see how long the 'you tiao' is?

Never mind,
let's see the photo below,
then you will know.

Is it long enough?

the stall sells also 'you tiao' with additional flavours.

I bought two flavours.

The box is special too,
isn't it?

Let's open it up.

Look nice?
It's delicious too.

Out of these 2 flavours,
I prefer the first one.

Want to try it?
Let's go there to buy some.
It costs RM1 each for the normal 'you tiao'.
Those with flavours that I bought, it's RM2.70 per box. (If I don't remember wrongly)

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