Sunday, 10 October 2010

EGM Presentation

One of the paper I take in this semester is Company Secretarial Practice (CSP).
This paper is conducted in Problem Based Learning (PBL).

What's PBL?

It's a method that the students are given tasks.
Students will be learning through the task with the problems occurred.
the concept of PBL is great.
But sometimes,
PBL isn't effective if the tutor/mentor/lecturer isn't good enough to carry the PBL session.

my lecturer, Dr. Nor Aziah,
is quite good in carrying the PBL session.

My group had our EGM presentation last Monday.
I was the chairman of the EGM presentation.
I admit that I was quite nervous during that presentation

Finally it's over!
I can take a break after that.

Before the presentation

The meeting table

Me and the secretary of the meeting

Me with the chairman name tag

Finally it's over! I can take some rest now!

My group members


  1. Ah...PBL...
    I've experienced this back in my 2nd semester

    Sometimes it's good,
    but lots of time, i think, it's worthless....

    same as what so called "SDG"...LOL

  2. I call it,
    Stupid Development Group.