Thursday, 28 October 2010

Final Class With Mr. Abdul Halim

After 3 and half years studying in UUM,
finally, today is my final day to attend class in UUM.

8 o'clock today,
is my 'Issues In Management Accounting' class.
It was my second last class in UUM.

I still remember,
I previously decided not to choose management and costing accounting as my elective paper.

But the end,
out of 3 elective papers,
I chose 'Costing In Special Industry' and 'Issues In Management Accounting'.


Because of Mr. Abdul Halim.

Yea, this is Mr. Abdul Halim.
He is the best lecturer in UUM I ever seen in my 3 and half years time.

Thanks to Mr. Abdul Halim.
He wasn't only teach us about Management Accounting,
but also about life and more other things.

What makes me feel a little bit regret is that,
I missed some of his classes.

He is a very great lecturer,
but I am not a great student.

he felt disappointed of me?
I felt sorry.

my friends and I gave him a card,
for thanking him.

He looked and read the card in class.
I hope he like it.

Mr. Abdul Halim,
Thank you!

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