Saturday, 30 October 2010

Canteen Day & Charity Food Fair (Kong Min 2)

it was my primary school's Canteen Day & Charity Food Fair!

Wow! Many cars were outside the school!

It's great!
Kinda many people.

The Universal 3D World?
Cool ya?

There were some games there.

Let's have a look.

I saw some kids were playing with fun and excited!
Great job!

There was a section for song dedication as well.

Let's buy some coupons.

10 RM1 coupons.

lucky draw number.

Will I be the lucky person?

Let's put the lucky draw coupon into the lucky draw box.

I bought this one.
RM1 for two.

The lucky session started!

Kinda crowded ya.

I looked at my number again,
The total number of prize is 45.
45 out of few thousands?
Perhaps I didn't have the luck.
I left after two items were given out for lucky draw.

In overall,
I think that the Canteen Day & Charity Food Fair was successful!
I hope Kong Min 2 will organize it again next year.

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