Friday, 15 October 2010

OSK Futures Investment Talk

I skipped my classes rushed back to Penang yesterday.


as stated in my title,
OSK Future Investment Talk.

The venue is at Wawasan Open University.

I reached at there first.
While waiting for my friends,
I took some pictures.

The sea is behind the Wawasan Open University.

It's seems great,
isn't it?

Refreshment was served before the talk is started.

Let's have some food and chit-chat before entering the hall.

This is the hall where the talk was conducted.

She is the MC for talk.
future dealer of OSK. (if I am not wrong.)

This is the one of the two speakers.
He explain to us what is 'future'.

he is quite a interesting speaker.
He made the audience to laugh for few times.

I never invest in future.
I knew little bit on it only previously.
Now I have a better idea on future.

This is the second speaker.

He talks about the technical analysis.

I personally doesn't like technical analysis.
I am a fundamentalist.

I learned something at least.

After the talk,
I opened a future account with Karen.

Will I trade future?
I am not sure.

But I know that share is still my main focus.

Today is going to be the day for Budget 2011.


  1. LuPorTi, firstly, it is 'futures', not 'future'.
    Secondly, for futures trading, they are called 'broker', not 'dealer'.
    Thirdly, both of the speakers are in my department, lol...