Friday, 1 October 2010

Decreased Blogwalking

I was blogwalking everyday previously.
But due to my internet connection problem.
I failed to do it now.
So sorry for that.

But, my blogger friends,
I did actually try to visit your blog.

When I able to surf on internet,
I always check out the blogs I followed,
and also the blogs in my blog list.

I continue supporting you all!

And thanks for some bloggers who are supporting me all the time.


  1. it's not ur fault la...line is really sucks recently...this morning i went to computer shop to print something online but it appeared that the shop din have internet access...i went to another one...same thing...went to another one again...same...luckily the 4th one got see? even computer shop oso got line about us? it's TMNet prob i guess...cheer up!

  2. at least you still have visitors. Anyway, let us keep in touch.

  3. Thanks. I will keep in touch with you. I will also visit your blog frequently.

  4. visit my blog too :) i'll visit yours sometimes ^_^