Monday, 24 December 2007

23rd December 2007

Today, after I woke up, something appeared suddenly into my brain. There are some things I have been chasing, and I think that I am just chasing the dream. It’s really almost impossible that I can make those things. I always hope I can give up the dream and wake up to reality, but always, my heart doesn’t allow me to do so.

After we had our breakfast, we start house cleaning. I threw a lot of things today. I was wondering will I regret in future or not. Those are my old stuffs; it gives me some of my old memories. I had ever thrown 2 books that I am regretting now.

While cleaning, I did recall back a lot of things while I was seeing my old things. I felt sad and regretting of several things. I had really made lot mistakes in the past. But, what to do, I don’t have time machine, I couldn’t change the past. If I was given a chance to go back to the past, I would like to go back to standard 5. I want to continue learning drawing and abacus.

Again, I was feeling sad again when I was thinking about university today. I almost think about university everyday recently. I really dislike going back. Moreover, I have to attend co-curriculum next semester, I have less time doing my things. Moreover, I need internet a lot recently! I really don’t know how I am going to continue my thing inside university. I have to really plan carefully.

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