Saturday, 22 December 2007


Day after day, time passes away. It’s about 2 weeks to go until the day that I have to back to university. I don’t hope to leave. I have a lot of things to do in Penang. The worse is, I probably leave Penang on the first Friday of year 2008. I have thing to do on the Saturday! It’s suck!

If I think back, UUM changed a lot of my life.

Firstly, I lost my spirit in doing my things. In university, the boredom, the loneliness, have brought me to laziness. Always, I lay on the bed and think of nothing! It’s totally a waste of time. It isn’t that I don’t want to do anything, just, I am kind of the person that will lost every energy I got when I feel lonely. The last 3 months of my STPM, that was my first time so hardworking to study. I never study properly during examination period since I enter secondary school. I studied properly during my STPM is because I was feeling that there are people beside me, supporting me. I got such great result in STPM, I should really thanks to 2 persons. They are really helping me a lot. I think they definitely know that they had helped me, but they did. But in UUM, I feel like I am living outside of all my friends, I feel like nobody around me. I am fighting lonely.

Secondly, UUM changed a lot of my plans. Last time, I used to watch ‘The Apprentice’. It was my favourite show! I have no right to miss any episode! After each episode I watched, I search for the summary from internet, and I copied it by HAND! My friends said me crazy. Some say that it was just a programme, why I take it like homework. Some say why I don’t just print. Well, for many people, The Apprentice might be only entertainment. But, I am different, The Apprentice might be the key of my success in future. I pay attention on every episode and hoping that I can gain as much knowledge I can from it. But now, I couldn’t catch up watching The Apprentice.

Thirdly, because of UUM, it crashed me into a big cash flow problem. I am suffering in it. I have no choice to cut down all my expenditure and spending time of solving it. Because of it, I have less time spending on my friends. Most of my friend has mean downgraded. The ‘downgraded’ I mean is, from best friend become good friend, from good friend become a normal friend. There are few downgraded friend that I really felt sad of. Until now, I am not only couldn’t solve my problem, my problem is getting worse.

I hate my university life! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT!

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