Tuesday, 18 December 2007

18 DEC 2007

There has been a period of time that I didn’t update my blog. It is my black December. There are a lot of things happened and I have been thinking of a lot of things.

I have finished watching heroes season 2. My friend introduced that drama to me. It is really a nice drama; I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode after I had watched one. The characters I like are Mohinder Suresh and Mr. Benneth. They don’t have special ability, but I like them. They are clever. I admire clever guy.

Well, what could I say next? I have no written blog for a long time, I didn’t know what to write next, there are too much things happened.

3 weeks to go, I am going back UUM. I hate that very much! I dislike UUM, I hope I could graduate tomorrow. I don’t like the life there, it is kind of wasting my time. There is no internet in my room, I have to walk to somewhere which has internet to online. Sometimes, when I reach the place, I failed to get online, the line is really lousy. Without internet, there are a lot of things I couldn’t do. Besides I did spend my time in reading book. However, when I am reading in a boring environment, I am used to thinking my past, feeling regret of what have I done, it’s kind of suffering. Sometimes, I did go my friend room to talk. But, most of people I know in UUM are those who like to play games. They play DOTA from time to time. I have wasted too much time in playing game during form 4 and form 5. I don’t want to waste any more time in game. Therefore, it is sometime quite hard for me to mix with people in UUM.

I went for Chinese doctor 2 days ago. He said that I have to take care of it for a period of time. He gave me medicine. It’s pill. Sometimes, I have to take 7 pills and sometime might be 15. When I need to take three times and 15 pills a day, I have to take 45 pills a day! It’s kind of a lot!

It’s 6a.m., I want to back to my sleep, I woke up 30 minutes ago, thinking of something and writing this blog.


  1. wehh thanks to ur fren. lol ahahahh! claire not bad too k
    hiro n parkman stupid meh? ish. pity pity.. time flies, wil graduate soon. real soon..

  2. not stupid. but not as clever as benneth and mohinder ma...