Friday, 28 December 2007

A sleep can change everything around

Anything can happen in anytime. Sometime, a tiny thing can change everything round?

I went out today. I finished several things. I felt happy with it. I can be considered as quite happy today. Although I felt a little boring today, I was happy.

I was feeling tired. I fall asleep at about 10. I was sleeping for one hour and I woke up. Everything has change. From a happy, I fall down to a sad situation. A simple short sleep can change a lot of thing. It’s just one hour, but, few things had happened and change my mood all around. I failed to sleep again thereafter. I think I probably might stay until very late at night.

I also don’t know how to explain what have happened. And if I explained, maybe I will be considered as silly because such a thing can bring my mood down.

I don’t know how to continue my blog again. Last time, this blog is one of the ways for me to express my feeling. But now, I don’t know what to write to express my feeling. In other way, I might say that I don’t know what I am feeling now.

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