Tuesday, 25 December 2007

A Day of BAnk

I went to Bank Islam to pay up my hostel fee, RM25 + RM0.50. What’s the RM0.50? It’s to be paid for Bank Islam, some sort of service charge. I don’t really like the service of Bank Islam.

After I settled my Bank Islam’s stuff, I went to New World Park to have my lunch and waiting for Wei Loon to come fetch me. When I was waiting, my stomach was feeling not well, maybe it was because I didn’t take my medicine yet. Wei Loon came and we cancelled the planning of going Gurney Plaza. We went to the Maybank at Farlim. First, I bank in a check, dividend of PBA. This is my first time bank in check with the machine. I didn’t really know how to do it, I planned to ask from the customer service but nobody is there. So, I asked from the guard and he taught me, his service is good, gain some marks for Maybank. Thereafter, we want to ask about maybank2u. Wei Loon and I have forgotten the password and we want to ask how to recover it. When we were walking to the counter, we pass by a person. That person was filling the form of check deposing. He was depositing the dividend too. Guess which company is the dividend from? Haha! It was from PBA too, he hold the same amount as my account too!

After asking, everything done, and we went to KFC to talk. Wei Loon gave me a Christmas present when I reached home. Thanks to him.

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