Sunday, 16 June 2013

Investment Gathering At COOB Coffee, Penang

After gathering in Gurney Drive one and a half years ago, Deric was here in Penang to have investment gathering again. We had our gathering last night at COOB Coffee. Beside Deric and his girlfriend who were ocming from KL, there were also people coming from Tambun, Chai Leng Park, and also Kedah. I felt so glad to see that, especially two juniors from my former university coming from UUM after finished yesterday's exam.

Thanks to all of them, I have a wonderful night. We shared our knowledge, and we learn from each other. Again, I learned a lot from Deric.

Time always the enemy of wonderful moment. We started our discussion and sharing at 6 o'clock and ended at about 10 o'clock. We spent four hours together, but it seems like only one or two hours only. Time passed very fast.

After the gathering, five of us had our second round somewhere around Jetty. We were there until 12 o'clock. I enjoyed this gathering a lot.

Oh ya, also shouldn't forget to thank Andrew as well. Andrew, thank you for fetching me home after the gathering.

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