Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Respectful Friend in Stock Market, Deric Yee

Suddenly, I am thinking of introduce a friend of mine in stock market, Deric Yee! He is one of the most respectful friend I ever met. 

Even he is young, he have achieve great success in stock market. Fot the past 4 years, he has generated compuded annual growth rate of 77.8%.

Thanks to OSK Investment Challenge. I knew him through the competition. However, our style in stock market are completely different. I am long term investor while he is short term speculator. There is no much common topic that we can talk as we are in two different direction. So, we didn't really chat at the beginning. 

Thing changes after a gathering 2 years ago. He came Penang and we gathered up. He shared about his knowledge and I was impressed. Besides mastering the Technical Analysis, he has also developed some unique technical indicators that work exceptionally well in Malaysia market. His models had allowed him to tap into opportunities that arise in some of the most sophisticated segments of the market.

As he is quite an expert, I felt a little nervous to meet him. But then, I felt surprised. He is extremely friendly. So, that gathering end up to be one of the greatest investment gathering I ever had in my life. Since then, we chatted with each other more frequently. I learned quite a lot of thing from him.

This year, he launched his website called Stocks Trading Malaysia to share his thought on stock market. He is also conducting classes to teach people how to trade in stock market. 

2 weeks from now, he is coming to Penang again. I am going to meet him up for dinner (on 15th June). I am looking forward to that gathering. I am sure it is going to be another memorable gathering.


  1. looks like fans meeting idol~ =P

  2. Replies
    1. Haha. Yalo. Smart and handsome guy. I envy on him actually. Haha.

  3. Just like hubby & myself, one is a long-term trader & the other, a short-term. Both of us have different views, so we rarely interfere with each other's trading. Lol! It's always nice to have someone of common interest to chat :)

    1. Oh? You do involve in trading as well?

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