Monday, 8 August 2011

My First Group Purchase

Do you know what's group purchase?

If you don't know, you may also hear of these name before, aren't you?


Haha, I think a lot of you know what's that already.

But, do you try it?

Today, I finally try it for the first time.
I am on this deal.

I Love Yoo, I ate before. It is nice.
The meal with price of RM7.80 is now selling at RM2.90, it's about 62% discount.
It sound worth.

I believe a lot of people don't trust of such thing, right?
Perhaps, you make take it a try for this? It's only RM2.90.
That's also one of the reason I try.

It's my first time, I feel a little bit excited to wait for the voucher to deliver to me.

Click here for more detail of the deal.


  1. This is from Groupon right? haha
    There are few more daily-deal sites:,livingsocial i know lot of great deals there!

  2. lol... for groupbuy.. u gonna print the voucher out by urself...

  3. Ongzb, not, it's from Everyday.
    Anonymous, yea, I am waiting for the voucher to send to my email.

  4. try ezivoucher... paperless redemption...u dont even need to print out the coupon for deals...

  5. But the current deals over there don't attract me much.

  6. may consider the kaffa deal in easy voucher... located in straits quay and is really cheap and the food/environment are nice!!

  7. luporti, paperless redemption fits your GSH's goal.

  8. Always wanted to try Group Purchase... but nv got round to it haha.

  9. Should be nice right? I try once too on the Groupsmore for the hometoomuch's deal, really nice and love it hahah :P

  10. Zazobong, you should try it too.
    Maxloon120, ya, it's nice.