Monday, 8 August 2011

My GSH Plan

If you were close to me during my first and second year of my UUM life,
I believe that you know I was an environmental friendly person.
I was trying to protect the environment and promoting to my friends to do the same.

Unfortunately, due to a recycle project that I joined in my university.
It disappointed me.
I joined with my friend with the objective to raise the awareness of university students regarding the climate change that we were facing.
However, what disappointed me very much is that, most committee members aren't really care about environmental friendly,
They joined the project just simply because they wanted to have activities and marks.
After that, I quit. And my ambitious of protecting the environment was done.

Recently, after I finished my practicum, I think that I shouldn't care so much.
It's really hard to ask people to have a environmental friendly life style.
But, at least, I should do it myself, right.
Although I couldn't change anything, it's still better than nothing, right?


I reform my plan, which I call it as GSH plan.

G stands for Green
S stands for Saving
H stands for Health

A lot of people don't know the advantage of being environmental friendly.
Being environmental friendly, we aren't only protecting our earth, but also helping us to save money as well as having a better life.

For example, reducing the consumption of meats.
It's one of the best environmental friendly act.
For sure, consumption meat is more expensive then vegetable, isn't it?
Moreover, it's healthier!

In my GSH plan, I have drafted some of the activities that I can do.

1. Walk more rather than having transport.
2. Consuming more vegetables than meats.
3. Reducing the time spent on internet.
4. Taking bath without water heater.
5. Fully utilize the papers.

I which my friends will also follow me to do at least few of the acts.
Let's save the environment now!

If we save the environment, we can save the world!


  1. i believe u r manage to share more in the skill how to protect ths environment...i waiting ur ans. support u