Friday, 5 August 2011

My New Printer

Yeah. Finally, I have my new printer!
I was waiting it for 2 to 3 weeks.

Welcome to my family, my new printer!

I am waiting to print a lot of things.
Tomorrow, I can start printing it! Yeah!

This time, I bought Brother.
It costs me around RM300.

Is it nice or not, I am not really.
After I use for sometimes, then I will know it.

It's a 3 in 1 printer.
I can print, photocopy and scan.
It has WiFi facility too. So, I can print it without connecting with cable.
I was told that I can print photos directly from memory card and pendrive.
But, how to do that, I am not sure, need to read the instruction first.

Let's see my new printer.


  1. wow~ this makes work easy and it
    looks so convenient~ I want one too..

  2. Ya. Hehe.
    I found one inconvenient thing, which is, printing on both pages.

  3. That’s the advantage of having a WiFi capable printer. You won’t have to go though the tedious experience of connecting the cable to your computer to print. It can make your work faster with all the other features it has. Just make sure to keep it clean always and to cover it properly with a cloth or a protective cover to prevent dust or critters from entering the device and possibly damaging the internal workings.

    1. Ya, right. Thanks for your advise as well. :)