Saturday, 6 August 2011

Google Dictionary Is Closed

I have been using Google dictionary when I found any vocabulary that I didn't know the meaning for a long time.
Today, I woke up, I clicked on it, and it shows this.

Google Dictionary is closed.
Now, I no longer able to check the meaning of the words from Google Dictionary.
Perhaps, I will go for Google Translate?
But some people are claiming that Google Translate isn't accurate.
Or perhaps, I am going back to the traditional way, checking the meaning from the hard copy of the dictionary.


  1. Never ever use google translator. You will end up with super cool translated words.
    Like what i posted yesterday.

  2. Yalo. They need to improve more. Now, I am thinking what to use as there is no Google dictionary now.

  3. I dont even know the existence of google dictionary, all this while is using google translate if not the definition from other dictionary from the google search :)

  4. Perhaps that's why they want to close it, because it isn't popular enough.