Monday, 22 October 2007

Rational and emotional

It’s 5.22a.m. now. I woke up 2 hours ago. I couldn’t sleep; I am quite excited from just now until now. Why? It’s a good question! I am going back Penang later. Every time when I am going back to Penang, I am excited and happy. I couldn’t describe the feeling. I was so bored in here these two days.

Sometimes, I hate of boredom. When I am bored, I always think a lot.

Rational is what you think, emotional is what you act; Think twice, act wise. Always, our mind is controlled by our heart. Our rational thinking is controlled by our emotional action. We see a lot of people doing silly things everyday. When we see someone does stupid thing, we will say, “Why is he such silly?” When we were him, maybe we will do the same thing too. In a lot of situation, we can’t really act rationally.

In my field, investment field, the people who is losing money is more than people who is earning. Is it because there are more stupid people than clever people? It’s absolutely not! Most of people involved in investment are clever people. A lot of people know the investment theory, they know that we should buy low sell high, they know what is undervalued and overvalued. But yet, why there are more losers than winners? This happened because of emotional action. Most of the people act emotional. When things happened to us, the first part of our body get affected is our feeling. Once our feeling change, everything changed.

There are people committing suicide because of love. This is one of the most stupid things that human ever did but why people are still doing it? Once again, it’s because of emotional. Emotion is one of the most difficult to handle. In love, there is nothing rational. We can invest rationally, we can response a lot of thing rationally, but not love. If someone says that he fall in love on someone rationally, that’s not love.

We are able to state a lot of reasons when we are making investment decision. But in love, we can’t really make a good decision by rational think. We love someone means we love someone, there is no reason. There is no neither right nor wrong in love. Everything happened regarding love, nobody is correct and nobody is wrong too. We can always listen that there are a lot of incredible break up reason. The girl breaks up with the guy because the guy loves her too much. The guy breaks up with the girl care about the guy too much. If we think rationally, it should be a good thing for a girl if the guy loves her a lot. There are a lot of men blame their spouse doesn’t care much about them. But, when the girl cares a lot on the guy, the guy breaks up with the girl. Should this be considered as funny?

Guy loves girl without any reason, so do girls. Some guys could love a girl who will never love them for a long period. Some are still doing things for the girl. Others might be saying that they are silly. But for them, it’s no wrong. Love is a totally emotional stuff. We can’t judge love rationally.

In many things of our life, we can’t really understand if it doesn’t happen to us. We know only the rational part unless the things are really happened to us.

There is a technique called ‘use the poison to attack the poison’. Some cases, this is still hard to be applied. It needs time. Sometimes, we are trying very hard to find the better ones to replace something. The problem is sometime we have found and we replaced it, the old thing is keep appearing in our mind again and again. What can we do about it? Just let the time wash everything.


  1. wat do u think in these two days? investment again? lol.

  2. sounds like you're falling in love.
    haha. jk.

    i love that phrase :
    "think twice, act wise"

    i do agree on what you've posted.
    It's true that most people acts emotionally than rationally.
    Even i'm one fo them too.

    Sifu.... i'm stressed..
    really... due to that stupid XXX.
    lolx. don't feels like typing it out. haha..

    all the best for ya investment,
    ur homework, and ur life.