Saturday, 20 October 2007

I love Penang

I’ve to go back UUM tonight. I don’t know why, I will be in UUM for only three days, but I feel very sad of feeling. I’ve meet several things recently. I love Penang. I hope I could remain in Penang. I have a lot of thing I want to do in Penang.

Previously in secondary school, I didn’t appreciate what I have, now, I have to leave Penang and now I appreciate the moment in Penang. Humans are always like this, we don’t appreciate when we have it, and we only appreciate it when we are going to lost it.

Last night, I learned one new interesting quote, “if we don’t invest, we can’t earn more money; if we lost our money, we can’t invest.” This is a thing every investor has to remember!

1 comment:

  1. that quote's really interesting. haha

    i love penang too ! ^^
    food food food.
    friends friends friends.
    sifu sifu sifu.