Monday, 31 December 2012

Responsible Blogging 2013

What's Responsible Blogging 2013?

It is a campaign calling upon the entire online community in Malaysia to rally for and support an ethical climate in the blogosphere for mutual benefit. 

It is organised by Crowdpot by partnerting with Nietology which is a high reputable ASEAN mobile device technology company, strongly driven by the people’s pride and importance of being on par with global technology progression and renowned international standards. Phenomenal growth is what we strive for and we who have an eye for details, meticulous with elements of technology, art and beauty – ENSURES this. Inspired by bold and fast-paced lifestyles, product of Ninetology are empowered by today’s solutions for practicality and functionality.

There are 9 main pillars for Responsible Blogging

1. Get Rewarded/Paid Ethically
- Bloggers are ought to get rewarded in many ways but have to be in ethical manner. Crowdpot (oganiser of Responsible Blogging 2013) provides the by far the most ethical approach to any sponsored blogpost.

2. Do check the verity of your information
- Blogger and blog are one. What has been blogged would reflect blogger as a person. If data and facts are incorrect, it will tarnish blogger's credibility greatly. No one wants to read a blog with wrong information.

3. Do regard your readers’ opinions
- No matter how strongly we hold onto a certain opinion, remember that there are other people who treasure their opinions like us too. Always blog with an open mind.

4. Do know that blogger are answerable for his/her blog
- Bloggers might get carried away while blogging about an issue or just our thoughts on a certain dish, but should when wrong information (by accident) was givin, just apologize. No harm in saying sorry. Plus, it saves you the time and effort in defensing later.

5. Do be aware of the country’s Copyright Law
- Remember not to copypaste and publish stuff that is not your original idea. The rightful owner can sue for copyright infringement and things can get ugly.

6. Don’t forget to give credits
- Just in case sharing from someone else (because the content is too good to not be shared), remember that we should always give due credit to its rightful owner.

7. Do write a Disclaimer
- Sometimes we might get carried away with our strong opinions about an issue. However if we work for an organization, it is a good idea to include a disclaimer to protect us and the company by stating that your viewpoints do not represent the company and they are solely yours.

8. Be Transparent
- With Sponsored Posts we do not want to be branded as an ambassador for a certain company because every time you talk about that brand, our readers will equate us to it and that loses our credibility.

9. Be flexible and be a friend to all

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  1. Happy New Year!

    This article is wonderful.

    1. Happy New Year to you! Actually are you in the investment group in Facebook. I have been reading your blog, but until now, I am not sure who are you. So sorry about that.

  2. Still confusing about this responsible blogging ~ By the way happy new year 2013 !!! =D

  3. can't find any disclaimer from ur blog .. irresponsible =D