Sunday, 1 April 2012

The First Day of April

I was actually thinking of posting about the Earth Hour 2012 today. I have taken some photo at First Avenue, Gama and Time Square last night, which I planned to post up today. But ended up, I was defeated by the Blue Monday affect. I am used to feeling down on Sunday as I need to go back to work on the second day. My motivation will drop by a lot. So I am so lazy to prepare the post for Earth Hour as well.

I failed to motivate myself, I fail to. I am running out of idea what should I do. It was already second quarter of 2012. I am already aged 24. I am getting closer and closer to the end of my life. I shouldn't waste my time already. But, I really couldn't motivate myself.

Just like I said before, there is one person I wish to talk to. But I don't think I have the chance.

Can someone teach me what should I do?

About 2 weeks to go, I decided to force myself. I actually wish to stay awake the whole night to do my investment things. End up, I failed to, and I am almost falling sick, and I almost couldn't go for work that day.

I am so glad that I know what I want to be and to do in my life. I know what I want. But sadly, because I know, it makes me feeling so suffering now as I am not doing things that I really want.

What should I do now?

I took the wrong bus 5 years ago. Last year, I took another wrong bus. Should I get down the bus? If yes, when should I?

I feel so scare to take another wrong bus. I am scare. I am really very scare.....


  1. boss... i also having the same feelings..
    sigh.. can't help you also..
    just can wish you all the best ~

    1. Thanks. Hope I can get out from this soon.

  2. Hope u'll beat the Mon blues soon, dear. Life's short, so make use of it well & u'll be rewarded :) Take care & have a good week ahead!

  3. Hmm first step always the hardest step to move on. I just changed my work life environment recently and the result did not shown that bad as I expected before. Hope u also can find something that can motivate u a lot very soon. Hope to hear your good news soon. =D

    Jia you !!

    1. Oh? Changed job?
      Thanks. I hope I can.

  4. Believe in your choice!All the best to you!!
    Think it as a learning experience, don't think it as a wrong decision. Every decision give you something valuable to learn.